M25 Combe Bank Wood

Post to the west Chevening Ovenden
Post to the south Brasted

Combe Bank Wood
Large area of woodland

Combe Wood
Semi-natural ancient woodland bisected by the M25.  It is an area of nature conservation.

This runs on the line of the previous railway to Westerham

Ovendon Road
Combe Bank Farm. The farm site includes several buildings now converted to housing. It includes a twin oast house claimed to date from the late 18th and turned into a house. The farm was at one time owned by The Infants Hospital in Westminster and used by them to supply milk. It should be noted that a major funder of Westminster Children’s Hospital was Robert Mond, who lived at Coombe Bank itself (to the south)
Oveny Green Farm. Buildings here have been converted to housing. There are records of the farm from the late 16th.
Oveny Green Farmhouse.  There is a plaque on the building saying: "This farmhouse was built by Thomas Lord Dacre, Earl of Sussex, in the year 1701."  It is in red brick, with blue headers in a diaper. There is also a weatherboarded 17th threshing barn as well as a granary and other associated buildings

A history of the Parish of Chevening
Cohen. Life of Ludwig Mond
Lost Hospitals of London. Web site
Oppitz. Kent Railways Remembered
Royal Society of Health. Journal
Sevenoaks Council. Web site


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