M25 Oxted Downs

Post to the east Oxted Chalkpit Wood
Post to the south Barrow Green

Barrow Green Road
Barrow Green Court. Red brick house originating in the 17th. It has had many alterations and extensions. In the mid 19th it was the  home of George Grote the historian of Greece, before him it was Jeremy Bentham.. It is now the home of Mohamed al Fayed. There is apparently oil being pumped from below it..
St Thomas Well. This lay close to the Pilgrim's Way. It now flows out of a pipe in the bank and fills agricultural troughs. It is on the bridleway north from Barrow Green Lane crosses the M25, then a stile and its right at the top of the field in the far corner.

Gangers Hill
South Hawke. Beech wood

Hogtrough Lane
Steep bridle way on the hillside

Lodge Wood


Oxted Tunnel The Oxted line, from Croydon to Oxted, was built in two phases. the first company, the Surrey and Sussex Junction Railway abandoned the line following a financial crisis and the two tunnels were left for 11 years. It is not clear if the Oxted railway tunnel was completed by Warings for them in 1865-67? or if it was only started by them and was actually the work of the Croydon, Oxted, & East Grinstead Railway contractor, Joseph Firbank, between 1878 and 1888. It is unusual in that there are reverse curves inside it and mess rooms built into the walls. It is 1 mile 501 yards long.

Robins Grove Wood.
Has ancient woodland and ancient re-planted woodland. It is adjacent to an oil well.

Rye Wood
Nature Conservation importance.

British Listed Buildings. Web site
Croydan Natural History Bulletin. Web site
Tandridge District Council. Web site


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