M25 Thurrock Dartford Crossing Approach

Post to the north West Thurrock
Post to the south Dartford Crossing

Bay Manor Lane
Road called after previous house on the site leading to industrial premises
Victor House. There have been a number of commercial firms in this premises over the past 20-25 years.  This has included construction accessories and heavy haulage.

Breach Road
Road with trading units

Channel Tunnel Rail Link
The Channel Tunnel Rail Link runs underground from London but it above ground between Dagenham and its tunnel under the river, At Thurrock the line crosses the London, Tilbury & Southend railway line and the Dartford Tunnel exit lanes, but then it goes under the approach to the Dartford Bridge and then down to its own tunnel. This section was built by UK Morgan Early Solutions Together and French Vinci Construction Grands Projects. Construction included the 0.68-mile long Thurrock Viaduct which was required to gradually lift the line over obstacles, beginning and ending at ground level – so it has an arched profile. It was formally finished in 2003 and the whole line complete a year later. The 23 spans of the Thurrock Viaduct are made of separate sections which were made on site.

Eastern Avenue
DHL Supply Chain. Distribution service
Big Blue Food Bus – double decker bus, with a restaurant on board.
Wincanton. More supply chain distribution services

London Road
The London Road, as the A1090 main road continues under the tunnel approach roads and then continues ahead. The main road A1090 turns south and follows St. Clements and Oliver Roads. This route dates from 2013.
Haulage firms, and aggregates works line the road on both the main road, and downgraded sections. There are some other works – shutters and roller doors, insurance – specialising in heavy haulage,, etc. and several industrial estate. One site consists of piles and piles of rotting pallets. There are signs to combat illegal street racing ‘cruising or spectacles’,  Up to the 1980s this area was a mass of tramway and rail lines accessing the chalk workings and cement works to the north  – with two road crossings one in a tunnel and the other on a level crossing. Where there are now trading estates were rail and tram depots and marshalling yards
London Road SPS. This is presumably still the Sewage Pumping Station shown from the 1930s and now tucked away under the motorway tunnel approach roads. It is now owned by Anglian Water but was built by Thurrock Urban District Council.
Crown House. Another big grey shed. They are an ‘all encompassing events and hospitality provider’.
Tunnel House. This was called Buntings in 1732.  It was extended converted to a garage after 1960, and demolished around 1970. It was on the south side, probably in the area of Breach Road.
Bay Manor. The manor house of Bayhouse was on the north side of London Road holding land between the house and the Mardyke. Bayhouse farm existed until  1959, but by that time much of the surrounding area was industrial.  Repairs to the manor house were recorded in 1408 and 1502 and in 1812 a new house was planned. It had disappeared by 1962.
Low House.  This was west of Tunnel House and was a substantial building in the 19th but had disappeared by 1930.
Stone House. This was opposite the junction with Stonehouse Lane and was demolished in the 1920s

London – Tilbury Railway
The railway through Thurrock was  part of what was known as the LTS or London, Tilbury & Southend railway. After Grays the line going towards London continues through Thurrock and Purfleet.
Sidings. There were many sidings between Grays and Purfleet to serve industry. There was a large sidings south of the railway and between the railway and London Road.

Oliver Close
This is now the main road between St. Clement’s Way and Oliver Road
Cosgrove Road – Eurocourt Trading Estate 
Victor Marine. They make Tank Washing Machines, Gas Freeing Fans, Oily Water Separators and Sewage Treatment Plants.
Paramount 26. Make roller shutters

Oliver Road
This is now the main road between Oliver Close and Stoneness Road (in the square to the east).. It is lined with identical grey big sheds petering out to an area of shipping containers and electricity pylons.

St Clements Way
This is now the main road between London Road and Oliver Close. It is mainly an elevated road.

Stonehouse Lane
UK Power Networks. Purfleet Grid

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Thurrock Rail. Web site


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