M25 Star Hill

Post to the east Dunton Green
Post to the south Chevening Sundridge Road


Pilgrims Way
Trackway across the area, maybe used by pilgrims or maybe just another tracl.
The Spinney. Woodland alongside

Star Hill
Previously called Morants Court Hill, and before that Madame Scott Hill. This was a turnpike road set up with a trust in 1749.  The houses around Star Hill House are marked on maps up to the early 20th as 'The Beacon' and an old quarry shown behind them.
Keeper’s Cottage. In the 19th occupied by a gamekeeper.
Star Hill House. Once a pub on what was the main road. It opened before 1792 but had close before 1851.
Star Hill Wood
Entrance to Fort Halstead

Sundridge Road
Road built by the Earl of Stanhope who lived in Chevening House
Morants Court (in the square to the south). Originally  the main approach ran south from Sundridge Road.
Morants Court Farm. The Farm was attached to Morants Court (in the square to the south) and laid out in the mid-1860s and let to tenants. The farm is now in use by a landscape, animal food and transport contractor.

History of the Parish of Chevening
Kent Gardens Trust. Web sote
Smithers.  A History of Knockholt


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