M25 Oxted

Post to the east Limpsfield
Post to the north Titsey Plantation
Post to the west Chalkpit Wood

Barrrow Green Road
15 The Forge.  Coach depot for Skinners travel company in operation since 1967. The site previously was a smithy and forge
Telephone Exchange

Bluehouse Lane,
Barn Theatre, In 1923 group was formed to try and raise money for a local theatre. The site in Blue House Lane was purchased and then the old Limpsfield saw mill - these structural timbers date from 1362 -1433.  The theatre was designed by Matthews Ridley and was opened by Harley Granville Barker of the British Drama League. All sorts of events were held in the building. In the Second World War it was used as an evacuee dispersal station and then a billet for a Canadian regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders and later Habadasher Aske School. There was a very difficult post-war period but gradually improvements were made and by the 1990s was very popular. The theatre has now been extended with Barn 2000 providing new facilities and this was followed by BarnCool.
Little Barn. This is part of the theatre having been built In 1931 as rehearsal space. In the Second World War it was used by the Red Cross and from 1976 by the Little Barn Nursery.
Oxted School. This was Oxted County School, renamed in 1999. It was built in 1929 for 250 pupils. It now has over 2000,  Ir was originally a segregated mixed grammar school and in 2015 it became an 'academy' sponsored by the private Howard Partnership. It has a strong performing arts tradition and its own theatre group.
19 Laverock School. This was a private 'preparatory' school which merged with Haselwood School in 2009. The school had opened in 1953 by a Miss Bowser. The site here is apparently now their nursery department known as 'Larks'.
21 United Reform Church of the Peace of God. This was built as a Congregational Church.
Scout Hut. The 1st Oxted Scouts were given permission to build a hut on the land at the back of the theatre post Second World War. In lieu of rent they were to keep tidy the theatre surrounds. It later became derelict and was set alight in 1981, It was demolished in 1999 for a car park.
3 Bluehouse Lane Community Social Centre. This is part of a sheltered housing block.

Chichele Road
All Saints Roman Catholic Church. All Saints Church and the parish in Oxted resulted from Father Algernon Lang. He was rich and in 1914, he discovered Chichele Road, and bought the land immediately behind the sole house. A foundation stone for a new church here was laid in the same year The sacristy in the crypt, now used as a parish room, was soon finished and sanctuary soon after. It was finished after the Great War and completed by 1920. It was consecrated in 1927. Defining the parish proved a problem and it was initially a mission church. In 1941 an incendiary bomb landed on the church roof. A people-facing altar was installed in 1974 and the church reordered in 1998.
12 The Priests House, In 1913 this was the only house in the road installed by a builder who had moved it here from Godstone, It became the house of the Roman Catholic priest.

Church Lane
53  Oxted Community Hall. A modern hall in what was the entrance to the churchyard.

Downs Way
Downs Way School. Surrey County Council Infant School.

Greenwich Meridian, This passes from Station Road and goes through Oxted School.


Silkham Road
St Marys Church of England School, Ths was founded by tge oical churcb in 1872 in Old Oxted. It moved to its present site in 1963 ad had been extened sunce,

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