Riverside, west of the Tower and north of the river. Teddington Broom Hall

This square covers sites north of the river only. South is Ham and Hawker

This square covers a very small area. It largely consists of a large sports ground which is part of the Lensbury Club which is in the square to the west.  Until purchased in the 1920s by the Club’s predecessors it was the site of Broom Hall, and slightly upriver, Old Broom Hall.

Post to the south Teddington Normansfield and Trowlock and Canbury Gardens
Post to the west Ham Lands and Teddington Lock and Post to the west Teddington

Broom Road
Old Broom Hall This is said to have been built in about 1760. It appears to have been demolished in the 1930s
Broom Hall. This is said to have been built for John Cornelius Park in 1856. It was sold on his death and by the 1880s was the home of the 2nd Earl Russell, John Francis Stanley Russell.  He was the first peer to join the Labour Party – he introduced the Highway Code and had the first ever car number plate.  He was also tried, by the House of Lords, for bigamy – and was the brother of philosopher Bertrand Russell. Under him the house had an innovastive and early electrical installation which included generation equipment. . Russell sold the house in the early 1890s and it was acquired by the Shell Company in the 1920s and used as the Lensbury, their sports club, until they it was demolished in the 1930s and the new Lensbury building erected to the north.

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