Riverside west of the Tower, north of the river. Laleham Littleton Lane Quarry

This posting relates to sites north of the river only. South of the river is Chertsey Abbey Chase

Post to the north Laleham
Post to the west Chertsey Abbey
Post to the south Chertsey Bridge and Chertsey Bridge North

Laleham Park
Sports Ground

Littleton Lane Quarry
Shepperton Aggregates. Littleton Lane Quarry and Landfill. This is a lake formed by historical gravel working and used since the mid 1970s for the disposal of silt arising from the processing of minerals.

Laleham Camping Club. 80 pitch camp site run by volunteers
Surrey Canoe Club. This is a facility for training young people and set up Albert Donovan who remains as one of the coaches.
Spelthorne Waterski Club

Laleham Camping Club. Web site
Spelthorne Council. Web site
Surrey Canoe Club. Web site


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