Riverside west of the Tower and north bank. Shepperton Range

This post covers sites north of the river only. South of the river is Chertsey Meads

Post to the west Chertsey Bridge and Chertsey Bridge north
Post to the south Hamm Court
Post to the east Old Shepperton

Chertsey Road
Landfill site in Ballast pit to the north dug pre-1930s
Riverscroft . This is a waste disposal and recycling site operated by French owned SITA. In the 1930s this was a milk business and a jersey herd of cattle was kept there.
Riversleigh Farm
The Tower House. This appears to be an early 19th house, with no sign of a tower, but the estate agents brochure for its recent sale gives no indication of its date.  It also says that the house carries with it the title of ‘Lord of the Manor of Shepperton’ – with no indication as to why this should be. There is also said to be a stretch of Rennie’s London Bridge in the grounds.
Manor Farm.  This farm was attached to the Manor of Shepperton and was sold with it in 1867.
Waymeadows Business Centre. Small trading estate, largely catering to the motor trade. This site is on one of several parallel plots laid out as housing before the Second World War.
Mead Farm. Farm area given over to various motor sales businesses.

Dockett Eddy Lane
The name may be a corruption of ‘Dog Ait Lane’ since this is where it leads to, near Shepperton Lock.
Paxmead. This is a boating centre owned by Girl Guiding Surrey West.  It dates from the early 1970s
Moorings – these are public moorings for stays of 24 hours or less.

A ryepeck is a pole used to mark the ends of a punt race course. The Ryepeck is an adjacent house here.
Ryepeck Meadow Moorings – these are residential moorings managed by Nauticalia.

Sheep Walk
This is said to be one of older lanes of the area and may date to the medieval period and was perhaps on a low-lying meadows providing grazing for sheep which produced the Middlesex wool. It is now a wide mainish road eventually crossing the M3
Showman’s over wintering site

Shepperton Range
Shepperton Range is the name for a wide expanse of riverside land  between Shepperton and Chertsey.  Anglo Saxon graves have been discovered here. In 1846 it is described as a ‘flat blowy spot’ with many wild flowers. In the early 19th it was used for many prize fighting contests and in the early 20th was laid out as a rifle range.  There are several buildings in the neighbourhood which are named for it – ‘Range villas’. ‘The range’ and so on. In the 1960s a Range Farm has a piggery here.

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