Riverside west of the Tower and north of the river. Walton Bridge Road

This post covers sites to the north of the river only. South of the river is Walton Bridge

Posts to the west Desborough Island and Lower Halliford
Post to the north Lower Halliford

Bishop Duppa’s Park
Bishop Duppa’s Bowling Club Green and Clubhouse
Pavilion – this is in use by Jollies Nursery

Felix Lane
This is thought to be the remains of a medieval road going to Walton Ferry. It is in a zone liable to flood.
Shepperton Marina. This is a family business set up in the 1980s on an old gravel extraction site.

Penny Lane
This is an area of plotland developments. A number of lanes go down to the riverside through sites. On the corner of the northernmost bend a site, is called St. George’s Field, with a building called St.George’s and two ‘open barn like’ buildings adjacent.
Training Ship Black Swan, Sunbury and Walton Sea Cadets. S Black Swan dates back to 1943 and now had a ship’s company and junior section.  The unit has three Rowing Trinity 500's, several power vessels including a Viking, Dories, Champ, Whaly and much else. It is based on the riverside at the eastern end of Penny Lane.
Marina Cut Bridge

River Ash Estate
River Ash Estate. The estate is bisected by the boundary between Elmbridge Borough Council and Spelthorne Borough Councils. The boundary appears to follow a historic route largely mirroring the alignment of a backwater of the River Thames. This means that although it is north of the river it is part of Walton on Thames. This may be another plotland development.
Menagerie – a Captain Sarll had a private menagerie here in the 1930s. In 1933 he was convicted of animal cruelty and neglect when animals were found dead. He is said to have sometimes lived in a caravan on site.

Walton Yacht and Launch Works. This was founded by C.W.Burnard – presumably in the 1930s. Numerous boats were built there many of which are now preserved historic vessels – like Nyula and Hilfranor. They had two big building sheds and slipways so that there were always at least two big launches under construction. In 1940 they were building craft which included 60-foot motor torpedo boats, 55-foot air sea rescue launches and 45-foot admiralty launches right down to 30-foot police boats.”

Swan Walk
This is a ‘private’ gated road. It appears to be on the site of the Walton Yacht and Launch works.

Thames Meadow
Another ‘private’ road going down to riverside housing, on a possible plotland development,

Walton Bridge Road
Coal post. This was south east of the river on the north east side of the old bridge. Not clear where it is now.

Walton Lane
Bagster House Institute and Club, This was set up in 1946 in Shepperton High Street. In 1982 a new Bagster House Club was built here. The policy was to be a family club.

Windmill Green
This is named for a windmill built in Halliford manor in 1381 or 1382 and existed for at least 20 years

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Jollies Nursery. Web site
Mort’s Riverwatch. Web site
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Spelthorne Council. Web site
Surrey County Council. Web site


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