Riverside west of the Tower, north of the river. Staines Penton Road

This posting covers sites north of the river only. South of the river is Thorpe Hay Meadow

Post to the north Staines and Egham/Staines The Hythe
Post to the east Staines
Post to the south Truss's Island and Staines Penton Avenue and field

Jamnagar Close
Follows the line of the drive to Jamnagar House

Langley Road
Mastercraft Joinery

Penton Road
Thorncote. This was later called Jamnagar House. As Thorncote it belonged to Sir Edward Clark, QC.
Prince of Wales Hospital for Officers,  Jamnagar House. This opened in 1915 in the property of the Maharaja Jamsahib of Nawanagar which he had offered to the King as a hospital for British officers.  The Maharajah was better known as the cricketer Prince Ranji, had served as a British Army Staff Officer during the Great War and also gave his fleet of cars and lorries to the British Army.  He The fully equipped the Hospital and he and the Maharajas of Kashmir and Patiala promised to finance it. By the King's wish, it was placed under the control of the War Office. It had 38 beds and was affiliated to the Horton War Hospital.  It was staffed by a Matron and 4 Sisters, assisted by members of the Middlesex/38 V.A.D. The wards were named after British generals, such as Kitchener and Haig. The Maharaja's personal attendant had remained with the house as butler. It  had 10 acres of grounds, with gardens and greenhouses.  The Hospital closed in 1919.
Penton Court. Flats on the site of Jamnagar.

Wheatsheaf Lane
Wheatsheaf and Pigeon. Pub built in 1850 said to have been for the families of eel fishermen

Lost Hospitals of London. Web site
Wheatsheaf and Pigeon. Web site


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