Riverside. North Bank west of the Tower Bray Lock

Riverside. North Bank west of the Tower Bray Lock

North Bank of the Thames
The portion of this square north of the river covers a small stretch of riverside with fields inland and nothing else.  This posting covers only the north side of the river. South of the river is Bray

Post to the east Monkey Island and Dorney Reach and Amerden

Bray Lock
This is a lock and weir which is on the north, the Buckinghamshire side of the river, from Bray. The fall of the river from Maidenhead down to Boveney is large and there are thus shallows and a strong current.
The county line between Berkshire and Buckinghamshire is roughly halfway between the lock and the opposite bank, following the course of the Thames.
Lock – there are records from 1377 of a flash lock here. This was removed in 1510 by the Commissioner of Sewers. In 1622 a flash lock was built here by Thomas Manfield. A pound lock and weir was proposed in 1833 and again in 1843, and in 1844 an open-sided lock was built. Thus was left open except when river levels were low and no tolls were collected. Sides were added before 1877 and it was   rebuilt in 1885

Parting Eyot
Island between the lock and the weir
Towpath. This was on the Buckinghamshire bank, while the navigation was on the Berkshire side, so tow ropes had to pass across the island.
Lock Keepers Cottage. Built in 1843

The Weir
This is almost level with the lock and runs straight across to the opposite bank from the other side of the lock island. It is first noted in 1328. It was built in 1844 and rebuilt in 1885

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