Riverside north bank, west of the Tower. Datchet Mead

This posting only shows sites north of the river. South of the river is at Windsor, sport and the castle

Post to the east Windsor Home Park Bathing Pond and Datchet
Post to the west Eton and Windsor riverside and the castle
Post to the north Agar's Plough and Black Potts

Black Potts Ait
Black Potts Ait. This is an island which is now at the mouth of the Jubilee River. Black Potts also appears to be shown in some maps as north of Pocock’s Lane. There is a 19th house and a boathouse on the island.

Datchet Mead
Datchet Golf Club.  This square covers a small northern section of the golf course. Golf had been played on Datchet Mead for many years and the club was set up in 1890

Datchet Golf Club. Web site
Wikipedia. Black Potts Ait. Web site


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