Riverside North of the river and west of the Tower. Teddington - Normansfield and Trowlock

This post shows sites north of the river only.  South is Canbury Gardens

Post to the south Hampton Wick and Kingston
Post to the north Ham and Hawker and Teddington Broom Hall

Broom Road
Teddington Sports Centre. Public sports and leisure centre in part of Teddington School.
Teddington School  The school opened in 1962 as the Teddington Secondary School for Boys taking boys from Stanley Road School, Twickenham Technical School and later St Mark's School’ In the mid-1980s they began to take girls’. In 2010 original buildings and sports fields were demolished, and replaced. It was then designated as a Specialist Visual Arts College and became an ‘Academy’ in 2012. A Sixth Form was opened in 2014
Teddington Sewage Works

TS Saumurez  Twickenham Sea Cadets

Kingston Road
Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  This opened in 1893 and in 1933a new front and presbytery was built. It has been renovated since.
Normansfield Hospital. In 1868 Dr John Langdon Down with his wife Mary, established a private Asylum for mentally handicapped children from upper class families.  They bought The White House which had never been occupied.  They renamed it Normansfield after their solicitor. They opened the Normansfield Training Institution for Imbeciles in 1868.  It was the intention to educate and train the patients according to their capabilities. Soon wings were added and then two adjoining properties and a field running down to the Thames. In 1877 farm buildings were built where the patients could work and an Entertainment Hall.  In 1878, Broom Hall was purchased  Dr Langdon Down continued his medical practice in  Harley Street, as well as being honorary consultant physician to the London Hospital. Mary Langdon Down supervised the day-to-day running of the Institution. By 1888 all the land and properties between Normansfield Road and Holmesdale Road, and between Kingston Road and Broom Road, had been acquired by the Asylum. A laundry was built in 1883, and a boathouse in 1884, also a drill hall and a clock tower  In 1896 Dr Langdon Down died suddenly and   Mary Langdon Down four years later,. Their two sons, Reginald and Percy took over the running of the Institution.  The work continued and seaside holidays and trips became a feature. In 1925 it was being run by Reginald and  Helen, Percival's widow and in 1940 Reginald’s daughter Stella joined them – but the building suffered greatly in the Second World War include having a V1 hit. In 1946 Percival's son, Norman, took over but it was decided to join the NHS in 1951. Gradually staff shortages led to a winding down and sale of land. Norman - Reginald’s nephew – took over and in 1957 Stella; Lady Brain formed a League of Friends. Gradually things began o improve. In 1970 the last member of the Langdon Down family retired. In the 1970s there was a big probem with the management and the then manager was sacked. It closed in 1997. The site was bought by Laing Homes in 1999, who redeveloped it as Langdon Park, housing estate.  The original Hospital building survives as does the Entertainment Hall and is the Langdon Down Centre. The Hospital workshops and mortuary and the boundary wall with Kingston Road with its original cast-iron railings all survive. The remainder have been demolished.

Langdon Park
Housing on the site of Normansfield Hospital

Lower Teddington Road
St.John the Baptist Church of England School
Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School

Normansfield Road
Avenue Road Day Centre –charitable centre for people with learning disabilities. Closed down and now demolished

Trowlock Island
This is an island with 29 bungalows and the Royal Canoe Club. The houses are along a path down the middle. Access is by way of a hand wound chain ferry. His was once three islands and the name comes from ‘Trow’, a type of barge. Harry Gibbs' boat building firm was on the island in 1910 rowlock Island Limited manages the infrastructure of the island and each bungalow or plot has a number of shares. There is a plan for encouraging bio-diversity, such as bats water fowl and rare species of cultivated plants.
Royal Canoe Club. The club dates back to 1866 founded by  John MacGregor, a Scottish Lawyer. s. He went on extensive tours on the lakes and rivers of Europe. in a craft which he designed and built and which he named ‘Rob Roy’. This is now in the National Maritime Museum. He wrote all his travels up in a series of books. From this grew the canoe club following a meeting at the Star and Garter Hotel. From the start cub members took part in races. In 1867, Edward Prince of Wales became Commodore followed by other Royals. In 1878 Turks boathouse was used as a clubhouse although a Mr. Turk had been refused membership as being in trade. I 1897, the Club obtained a lease of land on Trowlock Island and a timber building erected which is still in use. In 1993 they took over a site owned by BP and they joined with the Walbrook Rowing Club, part of BP. they were also joned by The Skiff Club, which also been based at Turk’s boathouse

Trowlock Way
Broom Road Recreation Ground. This park is a large flat space with a lot of grass and is in effect a large sports field designated for football and cricket. The tennis courts have been turned into a beach volleyball venue and there is an adjacent playground, and seating overlooking the river.
Thamesis Club. This is a sailing club involved in dinghy racing. It was founded in 1885 and its first club room was at Alfred Burgoine’s boat house at Hampton Wick. They moved here in 1901 after a fire and a new clubhouse was built. A boat store and changing rooms were built in 1960 and a new boat shed in 1973.
The Pavilion Montessori Nursery School
Teddington Hockey Club. They claim to be the oldest hockey club in the world.

Wick Road
27 The Lion. 19th Victorian single-bar pub

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