Thames Tributary - Hog Hill Ditch - Hog Hill

Thames Tributary Hog Hill Ditch
Hog Hill Ditch rises in this area and flows south towards Seven Kings Water and the Roding.

Post to the north Hainault Forest

Post to the west Hainault

Post to the south not done

Post to the east Hainault Forest

Forest Road
After the disafforestation of Hainault in the 1850's new roads were made in the former forest area, of which the most important was Forest Road. In 1857 a railway had been projected to run roughly on the line of the road to what is now the junction with Romford Road
Niscayah. offices of security company. Used to be called Bell Security
Forest Park Cemetery and Crematorium. Owned by the Westerleigh Group it was the first crematorium to be built in London for over forty years when it was opened in 2005. The chapel and office are in wood and stone and the chapel is flexible to meet the range of religious and cultural communities
Redbridge Cycling Centre. An Olympic funded cycling centre with a track and many other facilities. It is a replacement for the destroyed Eastway circuit.

Romford Road
Hainault board school (Hog Hill) opened in 1885 but never attracted many pupils and in 1911 was closed.
Hainault Golf Club House. The Golf Club was opened in 1912 and initially had the use of the disused school buildings which it has built on and expanded since.  Golf Club was a school built in 1885 and closed in 1911

Hog Hill
Hainault Lodge Nature Reserve. This was Hog Hill House and is surrounded by hornbeams. It was a Crown inclosure. The house was built 1725 by the Crown and the Lord Warden. In 1772, it became the forest keeper's house. Hainault Lodge dates from the mid 19th. From 1852, it was used by Oldchurch Hospital. It is now a Local Nature Reserve managed by Redbridge Council, supported by the Havering and Redbridge Wildlife and Countryside Group. The former lodge and its grounds are surrounded by mature woodland


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