Thames Tributary - Seven Kings Water - Hainault

Thames Tributary Seven Kings Water
Seven Kings Water rises in this area and flows south towards the River Roding

Post to the north Hainault Forest
Post to the south Hog Hill
Post to the west Hainault

Post to the east not done

Beaver Road
Beaver Industrial Estate

Fowler Road
Industrial and trade units

Fox Burrow Road,
Hainault. The name from ‘higne holt’ meaning a wood that belongs to a monastery. ‘and refers to ownership by the abbey of Barking. The modern spelling is due an imagined connection with Philippa of Hainault, Edward III’ wife.
Hainault Forest. This was part of the Forest of Waltham. In 1291 the Abbess of Barking was licensed to sell timber from Hainault Forest in aid of the abbey’s marshlands. The forest was a common waste of Barking parish until the 1850's – this gave rights of pasture there to Barking people. Cattle were sent there for the winter as were Barking pigs. A public outcry followed the destruction of the wood-pasture in six weeks during 1851and after the disafforestation act by the Crown. A long campaign to save what was left for the public began. With the support of the Commons and Footpaths Preservation Society and the National Trust 803 acres were bought by the LCC in 1903and this had gradually been extended. The former wood-pasture, demonstrated by numerous contorted ancient hornbeam pollards, is the chief interest.
Hainault Forest Recreation Centre. A country park which includes sports grounds, a fishing lake, woodland, farmland and a golf course.
Lake is a popular fishing spot. It is fed by Sheep Water from the north a and a is source of Seven King’s water, It was built by the London County Council
Foxburrows Farm, rebuilt by the Crown in 1856, was used for refreshment buildings and park offices. It includes a Rare Breeds Farm and Zoo

Peregrine Road
Industrial and trading estate

Romford Road
Reservoirs. For the Essex Water Company, now disused.


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