Thames tributary Seven Kings Water - Little Heath

Thames tributary Seven Kings Water
Seven Kings Water flows south east and then turns to flow south west

Post to the north Hainault Farm
Post to the south Goodmayes Hospital
Post to the east Marks Gate

Barley Lane
The Hawbush pub. Closed 2006 and site now housing.
Pump in the garden of a bungalow, now gone.

Billet Lane
Site of St.Chad’s Well after which Chadwell Heath is named. The well was very ancient and thought to have medicinal properties and ‘beneficial to the eyes'. It was covered by a by a brick alcove. It was destroyed in road widening in the 20th but there is a brick pillar, with a bronze plaque at the spot put there in 1951 by the Borough Council to commemorate the Festival of Britain.

Chadwell Heath Road
Chadwell Heath Care Home

Eastern Avenue
Opened 1925

Hainault road
Little Heath House. Demolished
Hargreaves scout camp Little Heath Special School. Secondary school
West Ham United Academy. Football training ground
Chadwell Heath Lawn Tennis Club
Little Heath
This has been known as ‘Lytel Ylieford heth’ at least since 1369 .This was a hamlet at the edge of Hainault Forest which may be the place of the water source after which Chadwell Heath itself is named.
Little Heath Green. This triangular grass patch is the remains of the village green here, which dated to the 14th. Until 1909 there was a village pond here and a timber signpost which has now vanished. It was 21 acres in 1847 and is now reduced in size.
cottages of 19th stock brick cottages

Painters Road
Gravel conveyor going north from the north side
Lake in north west junction of Hainault road
Lafarge Fairlop Gravel Works. Quarry and silt ponds. To become a nature reserve.

St James Gardens
St. James’s Church, was built in 1862 by Major G.E. Ibbetson as a chapel beside his home, Little Heath House. Services continued until about 1930 and it was demolished in 1933 never having been properly consecrated


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