Thames Tributary River Roding - Jenkins Lane

Thames Tributary River Roding
The Roding flows south east and is joined by number of tributary ditches from the west

This marshy area would be rural if it wasn't East Ham going towards the river. As it is its a world of rubbish tips and development sites. Sadly its not nice

Post to the west East Ham
Post to the east River Road
Post to the south Beckton

Claps Gate Lane
This is now Eric Clarke Lane

Jenkins Lane
East London Refuse Transfer Station. This was built in 1978 by the General Works Department of the GLC Department of Architecture and was a landmark building. It has since been demolished and the station reconfigured.
Beckton Main Drainage site .This square does not cover the original site of Beckton sewage works but a more recent extension to it. The sewage from some 2 million Londoners is treated her as well as surface water from rainfall .Sewage comes to Beckton by gravity through five diameter sewers. Grit and sand is removed by settlement and then floating solids are removed. More solids are removed in settlement tanks and the resulting sludge is treated. The liquid is then mixed with activated sludge and aerated using fine bubbles of filtered air. Beckton is Thames Water's largest Sewage Treatment Works.
Nature site. On the bank of the River Roding is an area of landfill, which still retains some wetland habitat close to the large sewage treatment plant. Subject to tidal influences, there are still reed beds along the creek
Jenkins Farm, later called Manor Farm, comprised 345 acres in 1846 and was tenanted by James Biggs. It was broken up for building in 1937.
Norwegian Playing Fields. Used by Powerleague as a 5-a-side football centre, This was previously a community allotment and farm site incorporating homes for ancient horses.

Newham Way, A13

River Roding
Cuckolds Haven Nature reserve area
Handtrough Creek – one of the tributaries feeding into the Roding from the west

Spur Road
Showcase cinemas and a bowling alley. All the usual fast food tat.

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London Borough of Newham. Web site
Nature conservation in Newham
Pevsner and Cherry. East London
Thames Water. Web site


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