Thames Tributary Seven Kings Water - Hainault

Thames Tributary Seven Kings Water
Seven Kings Water flows south west towards the River Roding

Post to the north Hainault
Post to the west Hainault
Post to the south Hainault Farm
Post to the east Hog Hill

Elmbridge Road
Muslim Cemetery. Gardens of Peace. Seven Kings Water has been specially landscaped through the cemetery.
Prefabs – there was a ‘prefab’ estate at the junction of Elmbridge and Forest Roads. Some faced onto Elmbridge Road but there were also roads within the estate which included green areas and some landscaping. The houses are thought to have been demolished in the 1960s.
Fairlop Sports Ground.

Forest Road
Playing Fields
Elmbridge Club. Sports and social club with a wide range of sporting and other facilities
North View Caravan site. Local authority travellers’ site. This had been a community facility for nearby airfields and some buildings were used by local scouts. The travellers' site was eventually opened here by Yul Brynner.
Fairlop Aerodrome was to the north of the road on the area of Hainault Recreation Ground. In the First World War it was a Royal Naval Air Station Training School
Hainault Road junction site of Second World War German Prisoner of War camp

Kennylands Road
This was one of the roads within the wartime ‘prefab’ estate. It still includes some kerbs and urban drains although it is basically a path through open fields. It turns north at what was the junction with Finnemore Road, now gone.

Newcastle Avenue
John Bramson Primary School

Roebuck Road
Industrial and trading sites


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