Thames Tributary - tributary to Cripsey Brook - Little Laver

Thames Tributary - tributary to Cripsey Brook
Two tributaries rise in this area and flows south west to join another tributary to the Cripsey Brook which then flows towards the Roding

Post to the west - Matching Green - 53 09
Post to the south - Little Laver - 54 10

Little Laver Road

Little Laver Hall. This had been part of a manor, also known as Boucheier, from the 14th. The current house was built in 1845 replacing an earlier house to the house. It was built in brick and stucco with wings were added in 1930.
Cottage, near the hall. This was perhaps a Keeper's cottage It is early 19th in rendered brick and timber framed. It has a verandah on four columns.
Park Woods – behind Little Laver Hall with a circle of trees on the eastern boundary.
Stone Cottages, formerly the parish poorhouse. This was once a late 15th open hall house later altered. It is timber framed and now clad in flint. At the back is a 19th decorative iron pump.
Hull Green farm-house 18th House of plastered brick
Hull Green
Thatched cottage lodge to Little Laver Hall. 19th in painted brick with rustic porch.


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