Thames Tributary – tributary to Cripsey Brook - Wynters

Thames Tributary – tributary to Cripsey Brook
The tributary rises in this area and flows west towards the Cripsey Brook and the River Roding

TL 49 09
post to the east - Magdalen Laver
Post to the west Hastingwood Road

Hastingwood Road
Wynters Armorie. The name derives from a mid-13th family. It was originally known as Winters but has been renamed because of a story that it was used as an arsenal for Commonwealth soldiers. This is a 13th hall house, with the timbers are blackened with smoke from an open hearth. It was later altered and, then 'restored' in the 1930s. It timber framed and plastered and of an unusual construction. Mummified cats have been found on site.
Moated site the moat is on the east, north & west sides. In the grounds are walnut and meddler. There is a sundial memorial in the lawn.


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