Thames Tributary - tributary to Cripsey Brook - Faggoters Farm

Thames Tributary - tributary to Cripsey Brook
A Tributary flows south westwards to Cripsey Brook

TL 52 11
Post to the east -Matching Green - 53 10
Post to the south - High Laver - 52 10
Post to the west - Loyters Green - 51 11

Faggoters Road
Faggoters Farm. Timber framed 17th house subsequently altered.

Otes. The site of Otes manor is east of Faggoters Farm and was part of the manor of Little Laver. The earliest records are from the late 13th when land was held by a John Otes. The medieval manor had been rebuilt as a red brick Tudor mansion, gabled and castellated. In the early 17th it was purchased by members of the William Masham, a Yorkshire born City businessman. Between 1691 and 1704 John Locke the philosopher lived, and died here as a paying guest of Lady Damaris Masham, a ‘blue stocking’. Later Lady Abigail Masham lived here after retiring as a courtier to Queen Anne. A later resident of was Fortunatus Montagu, the black son of Muslim, Edward Wortley Montagu. Later members of the family sold Locke’s books and generally bankrupted the estate. The building was demolished in 182 although some outbuildings remained until 1952. The site is partly moated and a well and some trees remain. The stream here was dammed in the 18th forming a lake


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