Thames Tributary River Roding – tributary stream to the Roding - Norton Mandeville

Thames Tributary River Roding – tributary stream to the Roding
The tributary stream flows west to the Roding and is joined by smaller tributaries from the south and from the north.

Post to the east Forest Hall
Post to the east Norton Mandeville
Post to the south High Ongar

Norton Mandeville
The name indicates a connection to Geoffrey De Mandeville one of William the Conqueror henchmen and an ancestor of the Earls of Essex.

Norton Lane
This was once called the Causeway
, and is mentioned in documents from 1260. Great Causeway field and Little Causeway field lay to the sout5h of it.
All Saints church. The church is lit by oil lamps and candles, there is an hour glass to time the sermons, and there is a set of royal arms. The weather boarded belfry is late 14th. The church itself is 14th built of flint rubble but there are some remains from the 12th. It probably dares from about 1190 that Galiena de Dammartin and was connected to the Priory of St. Leonard's at Bromley, Middlesex. It also had links to the nunnery at Stratford – but on the whole was too small to bother with. The church was restored in 1903 and the porch built. It was bombed in 1944
Churchyard. There is a Millennium yew tree planted in 2000. It is a nature reserve but is used by local pea-cocks.


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