Thames Tributary River Roding – tributary stream to the Roding - Forest Hall

Thames Tributary River Roding – tributary stream to the Roding
The tributary flows south westwards to the Roding

Post to the north Cannons Lane
Post to the east Norton Mandeville
Post to the west High Ongar Bridge
Post to the south Crownlands

Norton Lane
Norton Hall. This was owned by Merton College, Oxford until the mid 19th when it became part of the Forest Hall Estate. The farmhouse is 19th red brick.
Norton Hall Farm buildings. 19th building in red brick round a square courtyard.
New Plantation
Forest Hall. This is an old manorial site which was given to the St. Paul's after the conquest and was called Norton or Norton Foliot. It was the central part of a large estate consisting of other manors and farms. By the mid 16th it was owned by the Stane family and was sold by them in the mid 19th. Forest Hall House was owned from 1924 by H. M. McCorquodale, father in law to Barbara Cartland, and sold to the Air Ministry in the Second World War who used in connection with the airfield which was adjacent to it in the north. They in turn sold it to Essex County Council. The house was built by Richard Stane in 1700 and replaced in 1845 by Revd. Stane. In the late 19th it employed some 50 indoor and outdoor servants, and had its own gasworks and sawmill. Demolished in 1957 and there is now housing on site. Only the garden walls survive
Furze Woods
Gas House Plantation
Icehouse Plantation


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