Thames Tributary Shonks Brook - Latton Park

Thames Tributary Shonks Brook
Shonks Brook rises in this area and flows eastwards to Cripey Brook and the Roding

A recently rural area bisected by two major roads with a major intersection between them

TL 47 08
Post to the east - 48 08 - Hastingwood
Post to the south - 47 07 Randells

St Clare’s Hospice. Set up as a result of community initiatives in the late 1980s.

Latton Park
Ancient woodland still with its boundary earth bank and ditch system. It has however been partly replanted with Norway spruce plus some Scots Pine. In the north there is still Pedunculate Oak with coppiced Hornbeam. There are also glades and ponds

Junction 7

London Road
Also called Potter Street by pass, this is a stretch of the old A11.
Pottery site. In the 16th this was to the west of the road. The earliest mention of a potter here is in 1254.
Harlow Park. This is the last remains of the Abbot of Waltham’s hunting grounds 1041-1539 and was the chief wood in the demesne. This is ancient woodland but has been partly replanted with Norway spruce
C.J. Pryor depot. Pryor are a large specialist earth moving company founded in 1947 and based in Harlow.

Rundell’s Grove
The name refers to a John Roundell who bought land here in 1403. This includes several non-ancient woodland types. It is mostly spruce plantation, but there is some broad-leaved woodland with large, mature Oak plus with Hazel and Field Maple with Brambles.


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