M25 Iver Heath

Post to the east Uxbridge
Post to the north Dromenagh

Bangors Road North
The Black Horse. This large corner pub appears to date from the 1930s. It is a Hall and Woodhouse house. Near to Pinewood Studios it has been used as a film location – including the pub in ‘Carry on Dick’  with Sid James.


Slough road
Chandlers Hill. Remains of Second World War Anti  Aircraft Battery. Bases of huts are scattered in an area of rough ground along the road side with a track through centre. The next field is on top of gthe hill; at this must have been where the gun emplacements were but the area is now planted with trees. The battery was part of the Slough Gun Defended Area.  The site is said to be clearly visible on aeriel photographs of the 1950s and 60s. A magnetometer survey identified a widespread zone of magnetic debris a that may be associated with the former anti aircraft battery
Gallow Hill Farm. The name of Gallow Hill for part of Slough Road seems to have currently gone out of use. References to it can however be found in 1517.
Iver Environment Centre . This is a two acre wildlife garden where individuals and community groups can come and take part in organised activities for educational, environmental or therapeutic purposes.
Moorwards Farm. This has an equestrian coaching facility
Woodlands Park.  There was a golf club here between 1930 and 1940. This was the home of Charles Fairy who founded Fairey Aviation and the site was used by him and his firm. It was the address of the company from 1960 The Fairey Aviation Company Limited was an aircraft manufacturer of the first half of the 20th based in Hayes in Middlesex, and other places outside the London area. It is important for the design of a number of military aircraft and had a strong presence in the supply of naval aircraft, and built bombers for the RAF. After the Second World War the company diversified into mechanical engineering and boat-building. Following a series of mergers and takeovers, the principal successor businesses to the company now trade as under other names,
Mansfield Farm. This includes three houses but still appears to operate as a farm. It dates from the 16th and its outbuildings include a 17th barn and a slightly later dovecote . To the east , is the
site of the former manor house

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