M25 Chiswell Junction

Post to the south Waterdale
Post to the east Noke Lane

Blunts Lane
Hanrox Meadows. This is a farm rearing free range turkeys. Established in the early 2000s.

Holt Wood

Junction 6A. This is the  Chiswell Interchange which is a junction between the M1 and M15. It was opened in 1986 abd the M1 continues through the junction. There is no link off the A1 other than onto the M25.

Junction 21, This is the Chiswell Interchange  between the M1 and M25. It was opened in 1986 as part of the last section of the M25.

Plaistowes Wood

Searches Lane
Searches Farm
Granary. This has a barn extension. It is 18th and incorporates red brick 18th wall
Barn  Long weatherboarded 18th range.

Whitehouse Lane
Whitehouse Farm

Hanrox  Meadows. Web site
Historic England. Web site
SABRE. Web site


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