M25 Langleybury

Post to the south Langleybury Lane
Post to the north Kings Langley
Post to the east Hunton Bridge
Post to the south Abbots Langley

Crabtree Dell
Woodland alongside the motorway

Dellshot Spring
Woodland alongside the motorway

Langleybury Fields
Berrybushes Farm. Livestock farm including rabbit breeding. They even have ploughing matches there.

Langleybury Lane
Langleybury House/School. The current house was built by Robert Raymond, Lord Chief Justice, in 1725-8 – this date is on the rainwater heads. He also laid out the park. It was later remodelled for W.J. Loyd, in the 1860s. It is in red brick with stone and stucco dressings. There is a timber bell- turret on the roof ridge. Inside is a Zodiac ceiling in the Library. It subsequently passed through a number of owners.  During the Second World War it was offices for the Equity and Law insurance Company. In 1947 it was turned into Langleybury School by Hertfordshire County Council  and later a modern school building was constructed adjoining tghe house. It closed in 1996 and became Social Services offices. It was sold in 2007 and is now linked as a development area to The Grove – which is two squares to the south. A development brief is in progress.
Red one Airsoft. Close Combat Battle games. This is a business in the old school buildings.
Langleybury Children’s Farm. This is in what was Home Farm. The Farm was later used by Langleybury School to teach rural studies, and many of the buildings date from that time – the shop, for instance, is the old classroom. The farm is now a tenant of The Grove and exists to allow children to see animals close up and learn about their lives and behaviour.
Aisled barn.  This dates from the 15th or 16th with a 17th roof truss and 18th brick casing
and end
St.Paul’s Church of England Primary School. The school was moved to the current site in the 1960s having previously been in an older building.

Lukes Journey Spring


Springshot Spring

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Three Rivers Council. Web site
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