M25 Rickmansworth Bottom Wood

Post to the south Maple Cross
Post to the east Maple Cross

Bottom Wood
Wood. In this wood all except the perimeter trees were cut down during the Second World War to make rifle butts.  There are bluebells, oxalis, yellow angel, woodruff and coral root which is only found in South West Hertfordshire.

Chalfont Road


Nottingham Road
This square covers a tiny corner of Heronsgate, the Chartist settlement, which is now a conservation area.
Bircham Cottage. This is one of the original Chartist settlement houses – this was O'Connorville founded by Feargus O'Connor, Chartist leader, as the first settlement under his Land Plan, and a precursor of Garden Cities.  It was originally two houses built in 1846-7 for Chartist Co-operative Land Company. In the pediment is a rectangular panel with sides extended downwards, and this is used throughout O'Connorville.
Beaumont House School. This ran as a school until 1973.  The building dates from 1905 and is now divided into two separate dwellings.

Pollards Hill Wood

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