M25 Langleybury Lane

Post to the north Langleybury

Beechen Bottom
Woodland and wildlife site. Some old quarry and chalk pit sites within it.

Brickfield Spring
Woodland with evidence of old quarry site.

Fir Tree Hill
Great Westwood Quarry. Fir Tree Hill itself and the southern part of this quarry are in the square to the south. The quarry is operated as an aggregate and landfill site by Cemex. It is described as a key site for the early history of the Thames with the best known exposure of the "Lower Gravel Train", a deposit laid down when the Thames flowed through the Vale of St Albans, before around 450,000 years ago, finds have included volcanic pebbles from Wales.  A Bronze Age ringwork has been found here and an Iron Age/Roman enclosure  system. It also seems to be used for war games

Langleybury Lane
Langleybury Playing Fields. This is football pitches
South Lodge. The lodge to Langleybury House

Junction 19. This is an interchange built in 1986 on what was then the Rickmansworth bypass and constructed to divert the M25 away from Hunton Bridge and take it round the north of Watford.  The original route of the A405 can be seen as a section of tarmac alongside the slip on to the motorway.

Oldhouse Lane
Site between Motorway and Langley Lane. This is now a  Caravan Park on a previous cleared area with a cottage and described as agricultural land.
Gunman Airsoft.  This is a company providing war-type games. The site and cottages are previously described as for a gamekeeper and 'Little Liz".

Archaeology Database. Web site
Abbotts Langley Parish Council. Web site
Cemex. Web site
Gunman Airsoft. Web site
SABRE Web site
Three Rivers Council. Web site


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