M25 Bricket Wood

Post to the north Noke Lane
Post to the west Waterdale
Post to the east Bricket Wood


North Orbital Road

Oakwood Road
Five Acres Country Club. Nudist club. In 1945 the site was bought by Gerald Gardner who wanted to found a coven there.
Witches' Cottage,  This 16th house was re-erected by Gardner in the club grounds. It was decorated with magical signs on the inside. He had bought it from the Freemason John S.M. Ward who had found it near Ledbury.

Old Watford Road
This was the turnpike St.Albans Road.
Black Boy. The pub dates from the 18th and was by a tollgate on what was then the St. Albans Road. It then catered for drovers. The name probably relates to Charles II.
Roman tile kiln. This was discovered during excavations at the back of the Black Boy pub.

Mount Pleasant Lane
Mount Pleasant Junior Mixed and Infants School. This dates from the 1930s

West Riding
Bricket Wood United Reform Church. Two 1960s buildings at right angles to each other, the current hall was the church and the current church was added as a hall. It was originally a mission church for the Spicer Street Chapel in St.Albans but in the 1920s it became part of Trinity Congregational Church. In 1972 it became United Reform.

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Mount Pleasant Land School. Web site


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