M25 Wraysbury Reservoir

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Wraysbury Reservoir
This reservoir more or less fills this square – it is also partly in squares to the north, west and south, with a smaller part in the squares to the east and north east.
Wraysbury Reservoir. This is a water supply reservoir  begun in 1967 and completed by W. & C. French in 1970. It has a a capacity of 34,000 million litres and is owned and operated by Thames Water. It receives 400 million litres of water via its inlet pier in the north west section of the reservoir which is pumped from an inlet off the Thames at Datchet.  The outlet tower is in the centre of the southern section of the reservoir. Thames Water maintains a flock of sheep to keep the grass short on the earthen banks. In 1999 it was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because it supports nationally important numbers of wintering cormorant, great crested grebe, and shoveler duck. It also has numbers of wintering gadwall. It also has quagga mussels which are, apparently, not a good thing. The reservoir was in Buckinghamshire from 1971 to 1974 and a boundary line ran through the centre of it, following the line of the County Ditch which had been the boundary between Middlesex and Buckinghamshire. From 1974 the reservoir was partly in Berkshire and partly in Greater London until 1991, since when it is countred as being in Greater London
Inlet pier
Outlet post
Coal post. This  City Coal Tax marker stood at a site which would now be in the reservoir.  It was in a field fence east of Moor Farm. It was taken off by the local authority in 1966 when the reservoir was built. It is thought to be the one moved to Wraysbury Road in 1990 east of 115 and the County Ditch

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Wikipedia. Wraysbury Reservoir. Web site


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