M25 Chandlers Cross

Post to the west Great Wood

Chandlers Lane
Chandlers Cross. An outlying settlement of Saratt
Pottens Farm. Equestrian and Livery. The farm house is 16th later rebuilt, refronted and extended. It has a timber frame with a brick front. Pump from the 19th  in cast iron with a large circular drum on the side. There is moulded tracery on each side.
Barn. This is south of Pottens Farm. It is 17th with a timber frame on a brick base and weatherboarded.
Yew Court Farmhouse. This is 18th and is red brick partly stuccoed.
Barn and Coachhouse. This is north east of Yew Court Farm House. The barn is  17th or 18th wirh a timber frame and an 18th red brick casing . Above is a dovecote and some weatherboarding. There is also a 19th stable lean-to at the back. The coachhouse is weatherboarded with a timber clock turret
Cartshed. This is at Yew Court Farm. It is 18th in Red and stock brick with a weatherboarded gable
Yew Court Lodge. This is made up of two barns which were part of Yew Court Farm House and is now a now garage and housing converted in the 20th.  They are timber framed and weatherboarded.
White House. Pump. This is 19th made by Braithwaite, London in cast-iron and painted green.
Chandlers Farm, House. 15th house which was changed in the 17th and brick cased in the 18th. It has a timber frame
Barn. This is to the south east of Chandlers Farm House. It is 17th or 18th with a timber frame and, weatherboarded.
Victorian posting box in front of the Chandlers Farm Barn


Redhall Lane
Clarendon. This is, or was, a pub which became an expensive restaurant. It was built in the early 19th for Clutterbuck’s Brewery and extended since. Recent archaeological work has found rwo wells in what is now the car park but was previously the site of two cottages.
St. Marks. This tin tabernacle was built in 1903 and in use until 1978 as a Mission church.  It closed in 1978 and was sold into private hands in 1981 and is now in the front garden of a house.

Sheepyard Spring

Templepan Lane

White Shack Lane
Birch Spring. Nature reserve
Long Pightle Caravan Park 

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