M25 Kings Langley Egg Farm

Post to the west Kings Langley
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Egg Farm Lane
Ovaltine Egg Farm.. These were the Model Poultry Farm buildings from the 1930s thre architecture of which echoed the farm built by the French King, Louis XVI, for his Queen, Marie Antoinette. The Egg Farm, housed a laying flock of around 50,000 pullets, bred from pedigree White Leghorn stock. The Arts & Crafts style buildings featured a unique rearing house built in the form of a horseshoe, in order to catch as much sunlight as possible. Here the pullets were raised from 8 weeks to 3 months until they went out on range. The clever design and maintenance of the 'sun parlours' and rearing house meant that no artificial heat was needed and lighting, ventilation and cleanliness were of a high standard.
Beaufort Court. Renewable Energy System. This is part of the Sir Robert McAlpine group, and is involved in wind energy and the renewable energy market worldwide.  Offices. While the Ovaltine factory expanded and prospered chicken rearing at the Egg Farm ceased and the buildings were vacated. The buildings remained in good condition and were purchased by RES in 2000  who moved into a new office here in 2003. The original Egg Farm buildings form the basis for the low carbon building at Beaufort Court. the distinctive tiled roof structure and the two towers of the horseshoe were retained, but the rest of the building was modified and a new building was constructed, to provide storage for the harvested biomass crop. This is partly below ground with the inward-facing sloping roof carrying a large solar-cell array,
Numbers Farm. 1n 1929 the Ovaltine company bought what was then known as Numbers Farm, and created Ovaltine Farm; approximately 460 acres producing eggs, milk and barley. It is now a housing development.
Round Wood
Woodside Farm

Long Wood


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