M25 Chorleywood Dog Kennel Lane

Post to the south Rickmansworth Shepherds Lane
Post to the east Rickmansworth Solomons Wood

Berry Lane
The Fringe. ~Wooded area and wildlife site
Chorleywood Common
Chorleywood Golf Course. The club was founded in 1890 and is the oldest club in Hertfordshire. It was originally an 18 hole course with 2 holes across the railway and in 1922 the course was reduced to 9 holes and laid out by James Braid. In the Great War the Common was used for bombing practice and later 150 live grenades were cleared.  In the Second World War  the clubhouse became as an emergency first aid post for the ARP. The new Clubhouse was opened in 1990.
Dog Kennel Lane
Black Horse. This pub is said to be in an 18th building but as a public house it dates from the mid-19th having previously been on the other side of the lane in what is now Constable’s Cottage – in the square to the north,.
Post Pox – a Ludlow box stands opposite The Black Horse
Dog Kennel Cottages. 1 is a timber-framed building in a red-brick casing. It was originally the chauffeur’s cottage for South Cottage. This area was part of the original entrance to South Cottage, the garden and grounds of which have now been built on.  A small gas works was attached to the original house, a not unusual arrangement in the 19th

This was the North Orbital Road later upgraded to be part of the M25

Pheasants Wood
This is mature beech and hornbeam, ancient woodland site bisected by the M25. There is also birch, hazel, hawthorn and holly. With some rhododendron and cherry laurel, and also some yew. There are deer and rabbits – including muntjac.

Shepherds Lane
Catlips Farm, Livery Stables.

Black Horse. Web site
Chorleywood Golf Club. Web site
SABRE. Web site
Three Rivers Council. Web site


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