River Misbourne - Gerrards Cross Orchehill

River Misbourne
The Misbourne flows south eastwards

Post to the north Chalfont St.Peter
Post to the south Gerrards Cross - Gerrards Cross Station

Post to the west Gerrards Cross Austenwood

Amersham Road
This dual carriageway was built in the late 1960s

Part of the area of the Orchehill Estate laid out 1906. Many homes built by the Circle Land Trust.

Chalfont Park
Cricket Ground and Pavilion. The club played at Gold Hill Common until the early 1920s, when they moved to Chalfont Park. The ground had been created by Lady Edgar, for her staff. The first clubhouse Chalfont Park was built in 1935. Lady Edgar remained owner 1955 and then the freehold was put up for sale.  It was thus bought by the club. By The 1990s then club house was deteriorating and in 2000, was burnt down. The squash court survived but as the squash section had closed down the insurance money paid for a new clubhouse in it, opened 2001.
Gerrards Cross Golf Clubhouse. The course itself was established in 1922.  The remains of a ha ha can be seen near the 18th hole.
Research Laboratory. These were part of the British Aluminium site

Part of the area of the Orchehill Estate laid out 1906

Lower Road
Lodge to Orchehill House on the corner of South Park.

North Park
Part of the area of the Orchehill Estate laid out 1906 and many houses built by Henry Brown, a west London developer. So called because it is on the north side of Orchehill House
28 Barton Grange. This was Henry Brown’s own house, then called Merok.
58 Oakfields.  Another house built by Henry Brown for himself.

Orchehill Avenue
Part of the area of the Orchehill Estate laid out 1906

Oval Way
3 The Pollards. Built in 1907 for developer, Harold Rafferty.
Kingscote School. This is a ‘preparatory’ school, is a commercial fee paying school for boys set up in 1964. It was bought up by Thorpe House next door and some of it sold off. It includes something called a ‘pre-preparatory school’.
Thorpe House Preparatory School. An ‘intimate’ commercial fee paying school for boys. It is in a purpose built building designed by Leonard Kirkham n 1925.
Parish Church of All Saints. Built in 1912 by Temple Moore but only the north aisle was completed.
Church Hall. Next to the church.

Packhorse Road
Part of the area of the Orchehill Estate laid out 1906
Orchehill House. The house had originated s a farmhouse in the 14th known as Deedsworth Farm. The farm was sold to the Duke of Portland in 1714 and leased to a brick maker becoming known as Kiln Farm. After 1793 it was rebuilt as a posh house and called Orchard Hill.  After 1839 it was acquired by William Blout and rebuilt as a grand mansion with lodges and grounds laid out in an extensive area.  It passed through other owners and eventually the estate was developed from 1906 and the house sold to St.Mary’s School in 1945.
St. Mary’s School. Another fee paying school. This one was established in 1872 in Paddington by the Sister of the Community of St. Mary the Virgin, an Anglican Foundation which ran the school until 1901. In 1911 the school moved to Lancaster Gate as St. Mary’s College with a teacher’s training College included. In 1937 the Junior and Senior Schools moved to a house in Orchehill Avenue and to its present building in 1937
Barclays Bank built in 1911-12, by Edgington and Spink. Now in use as an estate agent.

Chalfont Park Cricket Club. Web site
Gerrards Cross Golf Club. Web site
Hunt and Thorpe. Gerrards Cross
St.Mary’s School. Web site.


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