River Colne Batchworth

River Colne
The Colne flows westwards through a series of interactions with artificial waterways
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Area to the south of Rickmansworth where a series of canals and cuts interact with the Colne to form a complex set of waterways - of which this is only the southern part. It covers a boat yard, a water works and the site of one of the Dickinson, paper empire, mills. The London Road runs south from the area, passing an extremely upmarket golf course.

Post to the north Rickmansworth
Post to the west Stockers

Batchworth Hill
This was the London road until the new dual carriageway was built and it is now separated from the main road by a belt of trees and bushes. It was part of the Pinner Trust turnpike which continued to Church Street, High Street, via a turnpike gate at the foot of the hill and southwards on the line of the A404. The trust closed in 1853. The upper section of the hill was very convoluted until the end of the Great War, when it is said to have been was straightened out by German prisoners-of-war prior to repatriation.
Roundabout. Constructed between 1967-1971 by William Old Ltd
1 The Old Ale House made up of two 16th houses with timber frames refronted in the 18th. This was the Queen's Head until 1912, and was a Salter's house from 1839.
Batchworth Dell

Batchworth Island
Trinity Court. Office and trading location with buildings including a clock tower
Pillbox – Second World War defence structure at the point of the promontory.

Canal Cut
A 150-yard cut was built from the Grand Union Canal in 1818 to serve Batchworth Mill as part of the Dickinson paper making complex.
Batchworth Mill.  This had been a cotton mill owned by a Mr. Strutt but it was a paper mill when Dickinson took over in 1818 and he installed new machinery to make half stuff.  It was remodelled in 1833 by William Tite, for Dickinson. The lease expired and the works closed in 1897. In 1899 it was a print works. The mill was mainly demolished and replaced by offices in 1910.

Greenbroom Spring.
This is open mature oak woodland but the eastern end is structured woodland with ash dominating. There is also larch along with cherry, birch, rowan, crab apple and field maple with some Scots pine. There are rabbits present and deer browse tree seedlings.

Harefield Road
Tesco.  This was built on the site of Walkers boatyard in 1989.
Walkers Boatyard.  H. Walker and Brothers were a major national narrow boat builder from 1905 to 1964.  Harry Walker leased part of Frogmoor Wharf from Baron Ebury in 1905.  They began with repair work to boats and then also built boats. Their boats were wooden and at first horse drawn, but motors were installed from 1913.  By the Second World War they had stopped making new boats but continued with repair work. Their total production was 212 new boats
The White Bear, 16th pub rebuilt in 1913
21 -25 two houses once a single dwelling, from an agricultural building. It is 16th converted in the 17th. It is timber framed enclosed in red brick and stucco
Sewage works.

London Road
Water works. The Rickmansworth and Uxbridge Valley Water Works opened in 1889 pumping from an artesian well, originally dug for Dickinson. Includes offices and other buildings. Now belongs to Affinity, previously Veolia, previously Three Valleys Water
Moor Park Farm. This is now Batchworth Park Golf Centre
Batchworth Park Golf Course. On the site of Moor Park Farm. A Crown Golf site.

Moor Lane
Rickmansworth Golf Course. This was originally the Ladies Course of the Moor Park  Estate. Rickmansworth Urban District Council bought it from Moor Park Golf Club in 1937 and opened it to the public. In 2000, Three Rivers District Council redeveloped and improved it.
17 lodge/tea pavilion to Moor Park built in 1763-5 and since extended. It is now a private house. The building is said to have been designed by Robert Adam originally thatched. There is an obelisk in a pond on the south bank of the canal which was in the garden here. It served as a  water gauge and dates from 1825. It says 'For Company of Grand Junction Canal'. and further inscriptions relate to an agreement between John Dickinson at Batchworth Mill,  the landowner R. Williams of Moor Park and the Grand Junction Canal whereby the water level at this spot was fixed following a long dispute

Plaitford Close
The Grove. Woodland which is public open space

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