River Misbourne. Denham Place

River Misbourne
The Misbourne flows south eastwards
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Posh village with Big House and estate in posh area

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Post to the east Denham

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Denham Avenue
Denham Place. In the middle ages this estate was owned by Westminster Abbey and subsequent owners. In the 17th Roger Hill, rebuilt the house surrounding it with formal gardens, sculptures and a canal. In 1742 the estate passed to the Way family and the formal gardens were removed in the 1770s, apart from the walled garden and a pond. It was replaced by a lake and a landscaped park. The estate was sold in 1980 and converted to offices
Denham Place. The house is in the centre of the estate. It is in an H-plan. It has Furniture,   porcelain, plaster-work and s panelling of high quality. Captain Cook stayed here, as did Lucien and Joseph Bonaparte.
The stables are said to be 17th and in red brick building round a three sided courtyard. There is a semi-circular arched carriageway with a wooden cupola,
Courtyard next to the stables with lean-to coach houses
Lake was created from damming of the River Misbourne.
The park, once surrounded the house but it now only in the northern part of the estate.
Formal garden on the north side of the house was built for Sir Roger Hill by the mason contractor William Stanton in the late 17th on the site of a 16th house.
Wall which defines the boundary to the estate. It is 1km long, broken by occasional gateways it is in red brick and built from the 17th,
Entrance through brick gate piers with wrought iron gates with arms amid scroll work over them.
Lodge an 18th single roomed, brick lodge is close to the gates. The slightly raised drive
Old Bridge this is at the eastern end of the lake and is accessed by the drive from the southern gate entrance. It is 17th and has two semi-circular brick arches
The River Colne flows through the grounds of the Place which is behind a high brick wall.

Old Rectory Lane
The Old Rectory. This brick house is dated as 1867 on rainwater heads
Tilehouse Lane
Martin Baker Sports and Social Club

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