River Chess - Solesbridge

River Chess
The Chess flows south eastwards

Post to the north Beechwoodgrove
Post to the east Loudwater
Post to the south Rickmansworth Soloman's Wood

Cherry Hill
The Warren. There is an ice house in the grounds. It is 6m deep and 3m wide, and of a beehive-shaped subterranean construction of engineering brick.
Kingfisher Lure
A private road on the Loudwater Estate. It has five properties and has a steep gradient
Mission Room. This is now housing.
Loudwater Estate
The Loudwater Estate owner, Cameron Jeffs, divided it into building plots in 1924. Later residents set up an estate company to manage the area

This section was built as the North Orbital Road
Junction 18 with the A404

Solesbridge Lane
Solesbridge House. 17th houses altered 19th and 20th with a Timber frame cased in brick, colour washed
Solesbridge Mill House. Red brick 17th house extended in the 18th and 19th. Sun Fire and Phoenix insurance markers. Solesbridge Mill produced paper from 1746 when it was owned by G. Andrews, a pioneer in paper production, to 1902.
Water gardens and nursery

Troutstream Way
Trout Cottage. One of the original gatehouses of the development
Flint Cottage this is 70m from the road and out of view. It is an old gamekeeper's cottage built in the 1820s. Flint with red brick and inside a large fireplace in the kitchen, old stone sink and remains of a pump.

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