River Misbourne - London Road Amersham

River Misbourne
The Misbourne flows south eastwards

Post to the south Day's Wood

Finch Lane
Finches Farm

London Road East
The road is not documented until post-medieval times. It is however thought that the route probably existed as a footpath
Council depot – waste and a tip. Former sewage works which was opened in 1912 and fed treated water into the river. At some stage the river itself was diverted around the works. By the 1950s abstraction of water upstream caused dilution problems with effluent and the works closed.  It continued to be used as a waste treatment site thereafter.
Quarrendon Mill. This is on the Misbourne and may be a Domesday Mill. In 1788 it was a corn mill but has been disused sine 1936 and the machinery removed in 1940. It is now a private house but some mill stones survive. Upsteam there is a brick edged leat

South Bucks Footpath
This runs parallel to the river on the opposite side of the valley to the ain road and may be an earlier prehistoric route

Willow Lane
Hovel Wood. Site of a 19th pit

Amersham Council. Web site
Buckinghamshire County Council. Web site


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