River Chess Chorleywood Estate

River Chess
The Chess flows south-eastwards
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Countryside and recreational area on the edge of Chorleywood

Post to the north Sarratt Church End
Post to the east Beechengrove Wood

Chorleywood Estate
This square covers the northern half of the estate
Field Study Centre. This is now used by Little Cakes Montessori School
The Dell Nature Reserve.  This part of the estate was leased to Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust as a nature reserve but is now maintained by the Friends of the Chorleywood Estate. It is has unimproved grassland and its chalky soil supports plants not found in the clay soil surrounding area. Wild flowers include violets, cowslips as well as buttercups and scabious. There are dark brown Ringlet butterflies
Dell Farm. These Georgian style buildings are now derelict
Ice house. An underground building thought to be an ice house or a vegetable store stands near the farm buildings.
Dell Tip Mound. Chorleywood Urban District Council had its offices in Chorleywood House and road sweepings were tipped near the football field added to by fly tippers. In 2002 work began to reclaim the area and to plant trees on it.
Dell Wood
Scout Camp, this is owned by the local Scout District and includes a small hall.
Pink Chestnut Avenue. This goes between Chorleywood House and the River Chess
Cattermoles Community Woodland. This was named after the old Estate’s head gardener and was planted between 1992 and 1994.
Chorleywood Common Football Club. Founded 1976.

North Hill
Bullscroft Spring
North Hill Water Works
North Hill Farm. The farm runs accomoodation and a camp  ‘Glamping' site

Chorleywood Common Football Club. Web site
Chorleywood Estate. Web site
Chorleywood Scouts. Web site
North Hill Farm Camping. Web site.
Three Rivers Council. Web site


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