River Misbourne - Higher Denham

River Misbourne.
The Misbourne flows eastwards

Post to the north not done

Post to the west Tatling End

Post to the south Denham Redhill

Amersham Road
Transco Gas Holder Station. In the 1930s gas was supplied to Gerrards Cross and Chalfont St Peter by the Uxbridge Gas Company. It is now part of Transco plc

Bakers Wood
Private gated estate surrounding woodland

Broken Gate Lane

Doggett Farm Road
Doggets Farm was obliterated by the railway which was built over its site in 1906

Lower Road
The road and the others in Higher Denham were part of a First World War military transit camp, sold off piece meal in plots at peace.
Higher Denham Community Centre
Martin's Aircraft Works. This was originally set up in 1917 to house schools of military aronautics. and became a factory in 1929.  was founded by aircraft manufacturer James Martin in 1934. The factory had been established in 1929 and four aircraft prototypes were produced: here James Martin and Valentine Baker set up Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd.  In 1942, Valentine Baker was killed during a test flight and from then on pilot safety became a primary focus of the company. In 1944, Martin was asked by the Ministry of Aircraft Production to find a way escape for the pilots of fighter planes. They designed a means of forced ejection of the seat with the occupant sitting in it, by an explosive charge. The first ejection test took place in 1945. Since the there have been 7400 successful ejections. There were Bellman and Blister hangars here and some building survive/

Moorhouse Farm Lane
1 Wind in the Willows. With a three acre show piece garden built on the site of old watercress beds.
Moorhouse Farm. The farm is now used for egg storage and general warehousing. The farm house is 18th but altered and there is a barn –19th brick with remains of block and tackle in the loft. Said to be the remains of a 19th water wheel on site.

Station Approach
Denham Golf Club Station. This station lies Between Denham and Gerrards Cross on Chiltern Railways Line into Marylebone. This opened in 1912, at the request of the Golf Club, which had opened a year earlier as a station on the Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway, which had opened in 1906. It was originally called Denham Golf Club Platform. Between the two world wars the platforms were lengthened and it became a halt. The original up platform was made of wood with track leading to the Golf Club. In the 1950s the platforms were rebuilt in new concrete and the up platform put onto the up side of the line.  There are two waiting shelters and a ticket office which date from 1912 installed by the Great Western Railway. They are in Corrugated iron with corrugated iron pagoda roofs. This type of shelter was introduced by GWR in 1904 for use at country halts and platforms. The ticket office was burnt down and later demolished early in 2007 and replaced with a near replica. The original platform lamp-posts were cast iron, marked with the initials "G.W. & G.C. Jt" of the original company but they were removed in 1991. It now serves the community of Higher Denham rather than the golf club

Tom Williams Wood
The name reflects an owner of Moorhouse Farm in 1432

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