Salmons Brook - Hog Hill

Salmons Brook
Salmons Brook flows south east and is joined by Leeging Beech Gutter from the west.
Merryhills Brook flows eastwards

Post to the west Trent Park
Post to the north Ridgeway
Post to the south South Lodge
Post to the east Gordon Hill

Hog Hill
Lane to the rifle range, concreted over in the Second World War
Sports ground before the Second World War
Gun emplacements on the hill in the Second World War. In 1938 a half battery of mobile guns were set up at the back of Trentwood Side and when the war started a permanent gunsite was built. They were four naval type anti-aircraft guns in concrete emplacements, plus ammunition stores, control rooms and shelters. Lower down the hill were army huts. HQ Block, kitchens plus a five foot high brick blast wall all round. After the war the huts became an Army record office until in the early 60s it closed and the huts were sold
Great Northern Railway, 11-acre sports ground for staff that got cheap tickets to go to it.
Rifle Range- dates from before the Great War. The 26th Middlesex & Enfield Rifle & Pistol Club.

Salmons Brook
Was known as Hog Hill Brook on this stretch

Enfield Society web site
London Railway Record articles


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