Salmons Brook - Windmill Hill

Salmons Brook
Salmons Brook flows south east

Post to the west South Lodge
Post to the south Grange Hill
Post to the east Enfield Town Centre
Post to the north

Bycullah road 
Part of the Bycullah estate Built from 1879. Roads and trees remain but few of the original houses. The name is an area of Bombay, as the park’s owner, Riddell, had married an Indian princess. The estate was bought by Cullodon Rowan in 1879 for development.

Enfield Road
2 Jolly Farmers. Pub. Built in the 1930s – its predecessor being a beer house in a cottage which stood in what is now the car park.
Area said to be known as Frogs Bottom

Gladbeck Way
The road is built on the site of railway lines which ran into an earlier terminal station called Enfield Chase, sold for housing in 1983. It ran on a slightly lower level than the later through line, but there was an interchange line between the two which would have been in this more southerly section.

Old Park Road
Enfield Golf Club built on the fields of Old Park Farm. It dates from 1893 and began with a very small number of members. The course was laid out in such a way that members have to cross Salmon’s Brook eight times during a round.  In the Second World War its water logged condition meant it was not ploughed for crops but merely used for grazing.
A mill is thought to have existed in 1284. A 17thpost mill was blown down in the 18th and replaced in 1790 with a smock mill, operated by Robinson, millers and demolished in 1904
Homestead moat. This is on the golf course and near to the course of the brook. Excavation showed earth piled inside it, maybe as a flood protection. It is thought that it could be the site of a forest ranger’s lodge

Salmons Brook
Known as Stebbings Brook until the 17th. Salmon was the name of a family living in 16th Edmonton.  Also called Hog Hill Brook

Slades Hill
The name of Slades Hill comes from a family who at one time ran Jolly Farmers. South of the road is the area of Old Park
Jolly Farmers Bridge over Salmons Brook.
Garage alongside Jolly Farmers Bridge. This building is an old engine house built in the 1880s to pump sewage up the hill where it could be released into the main sewage system at Windmill Hill.  This followed a dispute between Enfield and Edmonton Councils on the line of a new sewer. The building housed a gas engine and the cottage next door was staff housing.  The system eventually became redundant.

Windmill Hill
South of the road is the area of Old Park
Bycullah Estate Gate. When the estate was built in the 1880s there was a gateway with a lodge to protect residents
Car wash on the site of the Bycullah Athenaeum. Built in 1881 this was a concert hall.  In the Great War it was used by Klinger for war work and burnt down in 1931.
St. Mary Magdalene built in 1883 and designed by William Butterfield. The patron was Georgiana Twells of Chase Side House, in memory of her husband Philip Twells. The exterior is in Kentish rag with Bath stone. Inside the chancel decoration is by Edward Turner of Leicester and includes marble and alabaster panelling; a ceiling painted with angels by Buckeridge, 1897-8, walls with paintings by N. H.J. Westlake, 1899, and stained glass by Heaton Butler & Bayne. There us a war memorial window with a design of a dead soldier at the foot of a Crucifixion, by James Dark.  In the 1990s the bells were found to be too heavy for the tower and they were sold to a church in the US.
Ridge End House this was the Vicarage designed by Butterfield, 1883 to, match the church.
Windsmill. name of a house on or near the site of the windmill designed by A.H.Hart. This later became a care home for patients from Chase Farm, known as Clare House.

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Anonymous said…
The road down Slades Hill used to go through Salmons Brook and was raised to go over the brook which is why the cottages at the side are below road level.
Anonymous said…
i am very interested in any Riddell of bycullah estate information you may have, as the riddell family are my ancestors.
Unknown said…
I have been unable to trace the age and history of the older Victorian properties in Glebe Avenue EN2. Not part of the Bycullah Estate but very close in proximity and probably mid 1880's? Any advice welcomed.

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