Merryhills Brook - Cockfosters

Merryhills Brook
Merryhills Brook rises in this area and flows north eastwards
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Area on the edge of Trent  Park with suburban housing and an amazing tube station

Post to the east Oakwood
Post to the west Cockfosters

Church wood

This name is thought to refer to the Chief Forester of Enfield – said to be a corruption of ‘Foresters’, and ‘cock’ meaning ‘chief’. The area was within Enfield Chas and a house in the areas was called ‘Cockfosters’ in the early 17th. . In the mid-18th Trent Park and Beech Hill Park were built up and Cockfosters developed as a hamlet between the two as a service area.

Cockfosters Road
Westpole Farm. Sold for housing in the 1930s.
Trent Park Cemetery. This was opened in 1960 designed as a lawn cemetery with a selection of bronze plaque memorials. It has a burial chapel with a book of remembrance. It belongs to London Borough of Islington.
Cockfosters Station. Opened in July 1933 as the final station on the Piccadilly Line after Oakwood and built following a decision to place the depot here. It is on a gradient of 1 in 320 and built in a shallow cutting. The building was designed by Adams, Pearson and Holden.   From the street level building a double stairway goes to the concourse with a structure of shuttered concrete with decorations in colours to supplement its natural colour.  With its height and clerestory windows it is thought to have the atmosphere of a church. There were three rail roads, with the centre stop short. Since it has been listed restoration has been meticulous. There was a signal cabin and the tracks were equipped with oil stop-blocks, provided by Ransome & Rapier.  
Piccadilly Line Depot. The depot was sited here where land was available and where it could be double ended.  It was opened in 1933 with a red brick main shed which could take seventy-two cars. There were inspection pits, an overhead crane, a fan room, a storeroom, an electrically heated oil store, a foreman's office, locker room and fitters' shop. Beyond the shed were an electrical sub-station and the cleaning shed with three tracks and the washing plant. There was space to house two hundred and fifty cars. 

Snakes Lane
Now the approach road to the Middlesex university campus in Trent Park

Triangular Wood

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