Brimsdown Ditch Edmonton

Brimsdown Ditch
Brimsdown Ditch flows southwards

Urban area on the edge of the Lea with industrial and leisure areas

Post to the east Picketts Lock
Post to the south Marsh Side
Post to the north Ponders End

Cuckoo Hall Lane
Low-rise council houses in Edmonton's first post-war development, 1947-50, on a greenfield site.    
Seventh Day Adventists church. Advent church, a plain pebble dashed building was registered by Seventh Day Adventists in 1939
Cuckoo Hall Primary. Opened 1939. Has recently become an academy, whatever that means. Salisbury Upper School was also on the site but has been demolished.
Woodpecker Hall Primary. This is one of these 'free' schools and is sited inside Cuckoo Hall School.

Eldon Road
Eldon Road School built by Edmonton School Board School and opened in 1899. The infants were housed separately from mixed juniors who were in adjoining building. The school continues
Enfield Secondary Tuition Centre. This provides education for young people otherwise excluded from school

Meridian Way­
Conduit Lane was a predecessor road here.
Enfield Sewage Works. A sewage farm was built in 1877 at Cuckoo Hill Farm by Enfield local authority. It was enlarged by 1911 and taken over by Middlesex County Council in 1938.  From the 1960s work was being transferred to the adjacent works at Deephams Farm. The site is now part of the golf course
Picketts Lock Lee Valley Leisure Complex.  One of the recreational centres developed for the Lee Valley Regional Park from 1973. Three large white boxes around a swimming pool. Designed by Williamson Partnership. In 1993-4: a restaurant, cafe and cinema were added plus an entrance block by Fitzroy Robinson & Partners.  There is a multi-purpose sports hall with badminton, basketball, football, hockey, netball and volleyball, a Gym and Spa, table tennis and squash courts.
Odeon Cinema.

Nightingale Road
Nightingale Academy. This is what was Salisbury Upper School. This originally opened in 1952 as Cuckoo Hall Secondary Modern school. This was later re-named Mandeville School. It became comprehensive in 1967, merging with the Houndsfield and Eldon secondary modern schools. A new lower school was opened at Turin Road in 1982. The school was then re-named Salisbury School.
Delta City Learning Centre

Tramway Avenue
Housing on the site of the Bus Garage
Bus garage. This was opened as a horse tram depot in 1881 by London Suburban Tramways Co, which operated steam trams from 1895-1891. It was converted to overhead electric traction in 1905 by Metropolitan Electric Tramways and then for trolleybus operation in 1938. Both trams and trolleybuses continued to operate from here until 1961.

Pevsner & Cherry London North
Glazier. London Transport Garages
Eldon Road School web site
Nightingale Academy web site
Salisbury School web site
History of the County of Middlesex web site
Graham Dalling. Southgate and Edmonton Past



Anonymous said…
Picketts Lock Lee Valley Leisure Complex.
this was known as the 'blue lagoon''
the ground was all colours yellow , red , blue.
it was a dumping ground for factory's chemical waste, big pits of water with floating islands &rats the size of dogs.
i was born & lived in Edmonton for 65 years
Anonymous said…
Picketts Lock centre.Gravel pits in the 1930s,then in filled with ash from old steam engines.Small area of old sewage works excavated fot gravel in 1970s( a mescersmitt 110 German fighter crashed here during ww2) gravel pit tuned onto boating lake and then infilledb and now a golf course

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