Strawberry Vale Brook - Coppetts Wood

Strawberry Vale Brook/Bounds Green Brook
The Brook flows north and east and it is met by the Coppetts Brook from the south.
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Suburban area with some woodland and defence structures

Post to the south Coldfall Woods
Post to the east Colney Hatch Asylum

Colney Hatch
Tudor route to the North. This was a hamlet in 1409 and the hatch referred to may have been a gate into Hollick Wood or to a sluice on the brook

Coppetts Lane
British Road Services depot site. This was a parcels depot and opened in 1976 and then sold off by Thatcher. Formerly a depot for Manchester based hauliers, Fisher Renwick.
Cemetery Gates – modern, low brick entrance area
Strawberry Vale Brook enters a culvert near the cemetery gates and heads under the North Circular Road.

Coppett's Wood,
Remnant of Finchley Common on a hilltop - and rumoured to be a pagan site.  Ancient Woodland with coppiced Oak, hazel, hornbeam and sweet chestnut.  This area was once wood pasture, a way of tree management on common land.  In 1885 this area was purchased the Finchley local authority in order to build during the Second World War.
Tank traps – this is in the South part of the wood and date from the Second World War. They were to have been put across Colney Hatch Lane and Finchley High road and filled with rubble
Finchley Urban District council sewage works. Built in 1885 and Closed in 1963 and part of the woodland. Gasometer is marked on the map. This is the area now called “scrublands”. During the mid 1960s it was used as an waste infill site resulting in a mound which reached 25 feet

Woodhouse Open Space. Green

North Circular Road
Part of this stretch is Pinkham Way and Bobby Moore Way

Porters Way
Compton Leisure Centre
Barnet civic amenity site

Summers Lane
The Compton School. This is an ‘academy’ on the site of Finchley Manorhill School, which was rebranded as Compton School in 1992. Finchley Manorhill was itself an amalgamation of three existing secondary schools in 1971
The Triumph. Pub. This was probably owned by the Flower Pot Brewery. The pub is said to have been named for a Triumphal arch of flowers built for Prince Albert to pass through in his carriage on his way to open the Colney Hatch Asylum in 1851. The pub sign said ‘Our hearts thy throne’. Closed.

Summers Place
This used to be called Dunger Place after Henry Dunger, who owned the “Flower Pot brewery” which was in operation between 1830s and 1870 and was very small.

St.Pancras and Islington Cemetery
Coppetts Brook and Strawberry Vale Brook meet in the cemetery near the corner of High View Road.

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