Merryhills Brook - Oakwood

Merryhills Brook
The Merryhills Brook flows north eastwards

Post to the north Trent Park
Post to the west Cockfosters
Post to the east South Lodge

Bramley Road

Enfield Road
Eastpole Cottages
Eastpole farm – Trent Park Equestrian Centre
Trent Park Golf Course. Public golf course. Built on the fields of Eastpole Farm


A small lake at Lakeside which was preserved from the 18th landscaped park of South Lodge. John Laing developed the site in the 1930s.

Merryhills Drive
South Lodge. The site of this is on the corner of Greystoke Gardens and their is a plaque on a house to say so. This was one of the three keepers lodges of Enfield Chase set up when it was decided to abandon the main lodge at Camlet Moat. It was a sizeable establishment, also called Dighton's Lodge, with barns, orchards and surrounded by specially planted trees and its own rabbit warren. Under the Commonwealth it was sold off but was later owned by various nobility and became a grand house and estate. By the 20th it was owned by the Duchy of Lancaster and being used as a school. It was demolished for development in 1935.

David Pam. Enfield Chase
Trent Park web site


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