Salmons Brook - Marsh Side

Salmons Brook
Salmons Brook flows east and then turns south. It is met from the north by Brimsdown Ditch and Saddlers Mill Stream.

Post to the west Edmonton Green
Post to the east William Girling Reservoir
Post to the south Angel Road Industry
Post to the north Edmonton

Barnes Road
The Kings House - London’s Alive Church

Bounces Road
St Peter. Built by Newman & Newman in red brick, with additions by J.S.Alder. It was dedicated in 1902 and also now is joined with St Martin church which was closed in 1977, and is now a Greek Orthodox Church.
Parish Hall next door to the church. Built in 1908 also by Alder.                                     

Marsh Side
Once known as Jeremy’s Green or John a Marsh Green.  In 1660 there were cottages and the inn, The Cart Overturned, here. 
Claverings Industrial Estate. This is on the site of Claverings Farm which was north of the pub. The farm was acquired by the local authority in 1949 for small-scale industry relocated from housing development sites.
James Price and Co. varnish maker. 1890
Rolls and Co. varnish maker had been in the area from at least 1890 and still existed on the Claverings estate in 1973.

Meridian Way
Deephams Sewage Works. Owned by Thames Water it was built in 1962 to replace 14 local schemes although there was a predecessor works here dating from 1872 and extended in 1927. It discharges into Pymmes Brook

Montagu Road
Originally called Jeremy’s Green Lane.
Tottenham Park Cemetery founded 1912 and privately owned by Badgehurst Ltd, who also own Woodgrange Cemetery. It was and intended only for very poor people. It has a dense layout of graves on earth without grass. There is a central drive lined with lime trees going to a disused brick chapel. Part of the cemetery is now for Muslims.
Western Synagogue Cemetery entrance – and Synagogue at this end of the cemetery
Pegamoid works. Pegamoid was a patented material put onto a muslin back and embossed to look like leather. It was used in book binding and upholstering. The works was in place by 1913.
The Cart Overthrown. In the 1750s this was called ‘The Overturned Cart’.  Now owned by Greene King.
Meadowville day centre. Nursery site.  The area is now all housing
Refuse depot. The area is now all housing
Montague Recreation Ground, This is land given by Samuel Montagu.  Salmon’s Brook flows across the northern boundary and is met by the Saddlers Mill Stream here. The field has raised banks to contain flood water as appropriate.

Picketts Lock Road
Edmonton Isolation hospital. This was built in 1902 to deal with a possible smallpox outbreak and it was finally demolished in 1927.

St.Peter's Avenue
Vicarage 1901, with heavy stone portal

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