Thames Tributary Wantz Stream - Romford

Thames Tributary Wantz Stream
The Wantz stream may be fed from ditches and springs in the area around Crown Farm. It then flows south to join the Beam River and the Thames

Post to the north Mawneys
Post to the south Crowlands
Post to the east New Romford

Jubilee Close
Gaysfield. NALGO Sports Ground

Jutsums Lane
St Agnes Church. Mission Church built 1928.

London Road
St Edwards Church of England Comprehensive School. Originally this was a charity school founded in 1710. Until 1728 it was in two houses, but then moved to a new building in the Market Place where it stayed until the mid 1960s when separate primary and secondary schools were built. The secondary school here has been expanded in 2001 with a new block and is now a specialist Language College
Crown Cottages. These were dwellings built on Crown lands after the clearance of Hainault Forest in the 1850s. They are brick with a ‘VR AR' plaque.
Crown Farm House. An early 17th farmhouse fronted in white render and with a cluster of chimneystacks. It is now ‘Crown Farm’ but earlier it was called Pigtail Farm – a name which might refer to a stream or piece of ground which resembled a pig’s tail. Granary. Brick 18th
Westlands Playing Fields. A new school sports pavilion has been built as part of a development for Romford Football Club.


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