Thames Tributary River Rom - Eastbrookend

Thames Tributary River Rom
The River Rom continues to flow south and is joined by the Ravensbourne flowing from the north east. From this point the Rom becomes the Beam River

Open areas and country park

Post to the north Haveringwell
Post to the east Harrow Lodge Park
Post to the south Eastbrookend

Harvey’s Lane
Housing on the site of Rush Green Hospital.The hospital was opened as Romford Isolation Hospital in 1900 by Romford Rural District Council and was part of the National Health Service from 1948 until its closure in the mid-1990s.
Housing to be built on roads south west of here is on the area of a field to the west of the river which was not grazed field and which was edged with oak and blackthorn hedgerows plus hazel, maple, ash and holly.

Romford Canal
There is some evidence of the canal north of The Chase and it is likely that it was intended to construct locks on this section.

Upper Rainham Road
Cardrome. Driving school private road circults

The Chase
The Chase. 120 acre nature reserve designed in a gravel pit.. Local reserve managed by the London Wildlife Trust from 1988. An attractive landscape of horse-grazed grassland with a variety of small ponds and large lakes caused by the flooding of gravel pits. Ancient grazing marshes drained by a network of dykes, which left pasture. Grassland can include varies rare plants such as spiny rest harrow and marshy cudweed grow. Shallow pools, some seasonal, provide conditions suitable for newts and waterfowl. There are marshy areas with beds of reed and reed-grass, and other marshland plants
Eastbrookend Cemetery. Opened 1914 and laid out by a private company first burials in 1916. Neo-Tudor brick chapel but lodge was demolished. Bought in1958/60 by Dagenham Borough Council and It is now within the new Eastbrookend Country Park. There are beehives in the grounds.
White Hart Lakes 2 fishing lakes popular with anglers. Part of one is fenced off has a fringe of great reed mace and sweet planted water-lilies. In the western lake are floating patches of amphibious bistort. Water birds breed here and in hard weather rarer ducks, such as goosander, turn up, and in spring and autumn migrant terns hunt for fish.
Hooks Hall Farmhouse, 17th timber-framed house with a 19th brick front. It is now a riding school, which uses the nature reserve for riding and grazing
The Curzon Lake, south of Hook Hall Farm, is a permanent lake which does not dry in droughts. In the south west is a bed of reedmace. The banks support hawthorn and willow which shields important bird habitats.
Millennium Centre. Exhibitions of local wild life in a building supposed to represent a barn

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